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I'm ready to make bite-sized shifts in my leadership.
I'm ready to make significant shifts in my leadership.
I'm ready to make transformational shifts in my leadership.

360 Degree Review

Want to work together?

Are you wondering what your team, staff or board of directors REALLY think of your leadership?
Feeling stuck in your leadership development? Tired of getting unhelpful feedback at your performance reviews? Have you ever wondered what your staff, colleagues, board members, or families think are your greatest strengths or biggest areas for improvement?
Try a 360 Degree Review so you can hear first-hand the ways you are impacting the people you work with in a positive way, and where you can focus your energy to grow as a leader.

At the end, you'll have specific, individualized steps you can take to be the best leader you can be, all in under 1 hour. 

How it works: 

  • Provide 12-15 names and email addresses of people who work with you. 
  • I’ll send a leadership questionnaire to the names you submit and gather feedback from them about their perceptions of your communication, drive to results, teamwork and more! 
  • I’ll meet with you one-on-one to share your individualized report summarizing your strengths and areas for growth.
  • We create an action plan to put the feedback into practice and grow your leadership to the next level. 

At the end you will know:

Why you feel like you're stuck in your leadership development
- What’s not working about your leadership style for your team
- 3 individualized actions to take your leadership to the next level

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Mastermind Groups

Are you tired of facing challenges alone?

Feeling frustrated that nobody in your school understands exactly what your role entails?

Facing a challenge that has you tossing and turning at night?

Join a Mastermind group made of carefully selected leaders who share your exact same job.

You’ll leave the monthly Mastermind group feeling energized, renewed and hopeful.

You’ll build relationships with leaders in your role who understand exactly what you’re going through every day.

You’ll have a confidential space to share the real real of your messiest challenges and a team to support (and push!) you through them.

I know what you’re thinking…. 

This sounds AMAZING but I barely have time to drink my coffee during the day, much less add another meeting to my calendar!

I get it! That’s why Mastermind groups only require commitment of one two-hour session per month:

- Directors of Operations: first Tuesday of the month 6:00-8:00pm EST
- Assistant Principals: second Tuesday of the month 6:00-8:00pmEST
- Principals: third Tuesday of the month 6:00-8:00pm EST
- Directors of Student Supports (MTSS, Special Ed, Gifted, ESOL etc.): fourth Tuesday of the month 6:00-8:00pmEST
- All Masterminds run Sept.-May, but do not meet in December

Our facilitators use proven protocols to ensure equitable participation and voice time so everyone walks away with bite-size solutions they can implement immediately. We also keep the groups small (no more than 8 people per Mastermind!) so that you can be sure to get your challenges addressed and build authentic community.

Plus you'll have unlimited 24/7 access to a private online forum that provides a supportive environment for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and gaining insights from peers facing similar situations. 

***NOTE: This selective Mastermind is only available to those in their second year (or beyond!) in the roles listed above. You must interview and demonstrate a growth mindset, disciplined professional demeanor, self-reflective capabilities, and core competency in the role to participate. 

Enroll May 1-June 31: $999  <<< Save $500>>>
Enroll July 1-Aug 30: $1,499

Are you ready to join a Mastermind of educational change-makers?

Executive Coaching

Are you a leader navigating significant change?

Maybe you feel alone or like you just can’t seem to see a clear way forward. 

Maybe you aren't sure how to help your team execute to their full potential. 

The VIP Executive Coaching Package will help you make more time for the things that matter most to you. You'll leave work with a smile on your face!

How does it work?

  • We’ll meet biweekly to identify your strengths and the create an individualized framework for the way your brain naturally tackles problems
  • As we identify this framework together, I’ll show you how to apply it to new challenges you’re facing so that you feel calm even amidst dramatic change, difficult personalities, or uncontrollable circumstances
  • We’ll complete two 360 Degree Reviews throughout the year to diagnose your leadership strengths from the perspective of those who work closest with you and your areas of opportunity (see above for detailed description of 360 Degree Reviews)
  • You’ll have unlimited access to me via text message and email so that no matter what crops up, you’ll have the support and encouragement you need to succeed
  • Each coaching session embeds mindfulness tools so that you can recharge your batteries or re-center yourself when anything tries to pull your focus off your goals



Break old habits
We’ll work on uncovering your mental blocks and past patterns of leadership and delegating. This is a fancy way of saying that every time you’ve taken on more than you needed to (and were afraid it would all fall apart if you didn’t!) created a pattern over time that is hard to break! In this step we’ll begin to rewire your brain to help you communicate your priorities clearly, so you start to feel good about what you choose to give your time to. We do this first so we can leave the past behind, and get you ready to make the changes you’ll need so that you have time to savor your lunch break and still have time to binge watch reality tv when you get home.


Prioritize efficiently
We’ll create an individualized plan that helps you decide how to take the most impactful actions each week to get you and your team to your goals. Then, you'll teach your teams how to do this same thing and share their priorities with each other so there is accountability and support. We’ll practice what to do when things crop up last-minute, plans change, or you get overwhelmed. We’ll also tackle any fears that pop up as you start to let go of doing everything for everyone. At this stage in the process, I’m preparing you to get out there and put the plan into action! That means you can spend more time in the bubble bath and less time in front of your work laptop.  


Delegate with intention
During this phase, we’ll work on helping your teammates know exactly what is expected of them when you release tasks to them, how to monitor progress and what to do if a delegated project isn’t going the way you think it should. We’ll reflect on how it feels to try these new strategies and learn any other tools you need to walk out of work with a smile on your face. By the end, you’ll have a concrete plan and the muscles built to continue using it without my help!